Oral Presentation Instructions

Presentation Time:

               Oral presenters will have 12 minutes (10 min talk + 2 min Q&A) for oral sessions. LIVE Oral sessions will be held on June 23 (14.40-16.30) and June 24 (13.00-14.50) according to the Scientific Program (https://www.pst-conference.org/sciprog.php). The Oral presenters will be assigned in the Breakout Rooms by their submission topics. 


Presentation Files:

               It is optional that you send your presentation files (MS PowerPoint and PDF) to us before June 15, 2022. Should any technical problems occur, our staff will assist you to load your file on the conference computer. It is important that you verify the compatibility of your device with ZOOM application prior to the tryout and LIVE sessions. Please note that our notebook will operate by Window 10 using MS Office 2013, VLC Player, Acrobat Reader and Xnview etc.


LIVE Presentation:

               Oral presenters will give their presentations LIVE, via ZOOM (Large Meeting), according to the scheduled timetable. The conference organizer will send you a Meeting ID and Passcode for the  LIVE tryout and rehearsal sessions scheduled on June 20 (for those presenting on June 23) and June 22 (for those presenting on June 24), 2022, respectively. The timetable of the rehearsal session will be announced at least one week prior to the conference. All oral presenters are required to join the ZOOM meeting at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time of presentation.    


Available Audio-Visual Equipment:

               Each LIVE broadcast studio is equipped with a notebook connected to TV projector, laser pointer and microphone.

Presenter Registration:

               All oral presenters are required to register for the conference before April 25, 2022 to ensure that their abstracts will be included in the final program, e-abstract book and conference website.


              Please be advised that both oral & poster presentations are conducted in English only.