Oral Presentation

The timetable for oral presentations is available in the program book.

The links for download of program book, abstract book and conference proceeding will be sent to your email on June 22, 2022. If you do not receive the email from us by 10.00 am (Bangkok time) on June 22, 2022, please contact our conference secretariat immediately.


Oral presentations will be held in the afternoon sessions on both days of the conference (Day 1: 14.40-16.30, Day 2: 13.00-14.50). Each oral presenter will have 12 minutes (10-minute talk and 2-minute Q&A). Please follow the Oral Presentation Instructions.


We welcome submissions from pharmaceutical scientists, researchers, graduate students in either oral presentations or poster presentations. 

The proposed topics can include  the following areas:


Pharmaceutical technology (PT)

           Preformulation and physical pharmacy

           Materials and polymers for drug delivery

           Drug delivery

           Cosmeceuticals and cosmetics


Pharmaceutical manufacturing and processing (PM)

           Quality control, quality assurance, quality management system

           Pharmaceutical engineering

           Biopharmaceutical process and development

Pharmaceutical chemistry (PC)

           Drug discovery, drug design and medicinal chemistry

           Analytical chemistry

Pharmacognosy (PG)

           Natural products and phytochemistry

           Pharmaceutical botany

Pharmacology and toxicology (PX)

           Pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and biopharmaceutics



The PST 2022 conference will award monetary prizes and certificates to the outstanding oral and poster presentations which are nominated and selected by our Scientific Committee. Awards will be announced for the categories of the outstanding oral and poster presentations in the Closing Ceremony.