Poster Presentation Instructions

Poster Guideline:
               The poster should contain the authors’ names & affiliation, title of presentation, an abstract and materials such as graphs, charts, tables and photographs that are necessary to communicate effectively the research findings to the audience. The complete text of your presentation can be found in the abstract book and conference proceedings or published manuscripts.  


Poster & VDO Clip Preparation:
               Poster presenters should prepare a poster (PDF file) and a pre-recorded video clip, complying with following instructions:

1. The recommended poster size is 80 cm x 120 cm, in a vertical template. The PDF file should be named as “Poster ID_P_Last name” e.g. PT005_P_Smith. Your poster ID will be sent to your email address after your registration to the conference. Please upload your PDF file to the designated Breakout Room (categorized by submission topic) as described in 4.


2. Prepare your pre-recorded video presentation (HD; display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels is preferred). The video clip should be no longer than 3 minutes. Save the video clip as mp4 file. Upload the file to your YouTube channel and send the shared link to us in the designated Breakout Room (categorized by submission topic) as described in 4.


3. There are a number of online sources explaining how to upload your video on YouTube, e.g.


4. Please upload your poster (PDF file) and a link to your YouTube channel in one of the following Breakout Rooms, depending on your submission topic:

Room 1.  Pharmaceutical Technology (PT) & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Processing (PM)

Poster & VDO Clip Submission (Room 1)

Room 2. Pharmacognosy (PG)

Poster & VDO Clip Submission (Room 2)

Room 3. Pharmaceutical Chemistry (PC) & Pharmacology and Toxicology (PX)

Poster & VDO Clip Submission (Room 3)

The PDF file and the link of pre-recorded video clip should be submitted before June 1, 2022. In case your abstract or manuscript has not yet been accepted by the conference, your poster submission can be extended until June 5, 2022.  


Please note that your poster presentation will be eligible for the nomination for the Poster Presentation Awards  ( only if both PDF file and the link of pre-recorded video clip are successfully submitted to the Conference.  


Poster Session:
               Poster sessions will be held in designated virtual booths. The poster display will be arranged by submission topics. Each poster will be identified by a poster presentation ID assigned to each presentation according to the conference program. Poster presenters are responsible for preparing the PDF files and the pre-recorded video presentation. Conference organizer will provide the virtual booths for all posters to the online display panels.


Presentation Time:

               Posters will be on virtual display from 09:00 AM on June 23, 2022 to 04:00 PM on June 24, 2022. Poster presenters are required to stand by their posters during the Interactive Poster Sessions (12:00-13:00), on both days of the conference, to anticipate discussion with participants and the judges. The Interactive Poster Session will be divided into 3 breakout rooms as follow,

                Room 1: Pharmaceutical Technology (PT) & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Processing (PM)

                Room 2: Pharmacognosy (PG)

                Room 3: Pharmaceutical Chemistry (PC) & Pharmacology and Toxicology (PX)


Presenter Registration:

               All presenters are required to register for the conference by April 25, 2022 to ensure that their abstracts will be included in the Program book, Abstract book and Conference website.



               Please be advised that both oral & poster presentations are conducted in English only.